BD Packaging is one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of quality corrugated cartons, master cartons, carton inlays, unit boxes, foil pouches, bag-in-boxes and other industrial packaging. It has established itself as a premium packaging solution provider for both domestic and export consignments.

BD Packaging Ltd provides indispensable backward and forward linkage for all companies within BD Group in addition to serving a multitude of other businesses. Some of the upcoming ventures include the PET bottling plants and HDPE solutions for a wide array of industrial uses.





BD Packaging provides comprehensive industrial packaging solutions to the sister companies within BD Group and beyond. Our state-of-the-art, high performance machinery and equipment facilitate industrial solutions to a wide array of users in the domestic landscape.

In the near future, we also plan to form strategic partnerships to solve the significant packaging needs of the rapidly growing garments sector.

Furthermore, upcoming projects like PET bottling plants and HDPE solutions will diversify and enrich our existing premium portfolio of industrial solutions.

Our Premium Products

Existing :

  • Corrugated Cartons
  • Master Cartons
  • Carton Inlays
  • Unit Boxs
  • Foil Pouches
  • Bag-in-Boxes

Upcoming :

  • PET Bottle Plants
  • HDPE Solutions